The Field

Surprise. You're the expert.


There is no person on the planet more powerful, more creative than a mother. It is she who makes life as if by magic. It is she who does the miraculous day after day, who is, herself, a miracle.

When we are preparing for motherhood, we feel different, special. We are treated with reverence and appreciation by the world. We find ourselves coming into our own creative power in an unprecedented way, we are dialed in to our intuition, and we get a glimpse at our undeniable beauty as women (even if that glimpse can seem fleeting--third trimester anyone?).

The further we get from those first few days home with our new baby, the more the we lose our connection to this sacred, knowing, miracle-making woman. In most cases, our culture will expect us to quietly subsume our new role as mother within our pre-existing identity. We are asked to pick up as though not much has changed when in fact everything has—most essentially and especially ourselves.

What if as mothers we continued to live in the heightened awareness of our own energy, power, wisdom, grace, strength, beauty, caring, love, and creativity that we come to sense as we first become a mom? What if we were able to constantly renew and bring those qualities confidently to everything we do, including the continuing journey of raising our kids? Who would we be, to ourselves and to those in our lives?

We invite you to find out. We invite you to step into The Field.